Out-of-Home Advertising in Bannock County, ID

Billboard advertising rentals in Bannock County including local market research. Detailed breakdowns of Bannock ooh media by size, location, and cost. Information gathered from over two decades of experience managing and analyzing successful outdoor advertising in Bannock County. 

 Frequently Asked Questions 

Billboards in Bannock price out anywhere from $394 per 4 weeks for smaller posters to as much as $6,109 per 4 weeks for large digital billboards. Be sure to factor in the additional cost of graphic design, artwork, and fabrication if you're renting static Idaho billboards. Fabrication costs ~$850. If you rent a billboard in Bannock County for an extended period (more than 3 months), your billboard print will likely need to be replaced periodically to keep it looking pristine. More about Bannock County ooh pricing

Take a look at our Bannock ooh market research by city below. Dollar for dollar, ooh advertisements in Bannock are still one of the best ways to communicate your brand message. Billboards are most effective when used in  conjunction with other forms of advertising media (online, tv, etc.).

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outdoor advertising Bannock

Big and small

Idaho 4-week Median Advertising Cost of Bulletins Average Price: $3,153

Bulletins in Bannock

The largest outdoor media in Idaho, Bulletins prices start at $1,379 and go up to $5,419, depending on location.

Idaho OOH Average Price: $2,258

Digital Billboards in Bannock County

Leased in 8 seconds portions. Entire loops run every 64 seconds. At the low end, prices start at $1,371 up to $4,678 for premium Idaho outdoor ad space.

Advertising on Buses in IdahoAverage Price: $599

Bus Panels in Bannock, ID

Bus panels come in 4 standard sizes, the smallest size costs $425 while the largest full side panel displays can cost as much as $714 every 4 weeks.

Idaho Advertising PostersAverage Price: $761

Posters Advertising in Bannock

Small panels located near bus shelters, transit stations, and shopping malls ideal for statewide advertisers with a small budget. Lowest price is $578 while some locations can cost $918.

What did people do after seeing Bannock billboards?

We conducted an outdoor advertising survey throughout the major cities in Bannock County, ID. Conducted from Pocatello to Inkom to Mccammon to Downey to Lava Hot Springs, actions taken based on outdoor media varies somewhat throughout these cities. Take a look at the questions we asked 1,199 people in these Bannock cities about their own personal experiences with outdoor advertising.

Have you ever... PocatelloInkomMccammonDowneyLava Hot Springs
Discussed billboard ads you've seen with friends or family 45% 36% 41% 35% 37%
Recommended the advertiser to others 10% 5% 3% 11% 4%
Attended a local event because of a billboard 8% 7% 15% 9% 10%
Visited a local business (e.g. restaurant) because it was advertised on a billboard 30% 10% 15% 16% 27%
Made a purchase at the business advertised 13% 17% 21% 20% 18%
Watched event on television because of a billboard 12% 18% 14% 11% 10%
Tuned in to the radio station featured on a billboard 18% 15% 7% 18% 5%
Visited an advertiser website because of billboards 15% 17% 12% 25% 12%
Googled or otherwise searched online for more details about the message 13% 21% 14% 26% 22%
Googled or otherwise searched online for more details about the advertiser 13% 13% 13% 19% 16%
Accessed a coupon on a billboard from your mobile device 10% 12% 12% 12% 8%

The Idaho counties surrounding Bannock cover a lot of area as well. If you're exclusively seeking billboards in Bannock County, the cities of Inkom, Mccammon, and Downey will all likely have slightly different levels of effectiveness with regard to billboards, as we found in our survey.

Bannock Billboards

How people FEEL about billboard advertising in Bannock County?

The table below represents responses to questions from 887 people about consumer attitudes towards outdoor advertisements in Bannock County, ID. Again, findings vary from city to city. Factors you may want to take into consideration if you're planning to advertise at a particular location in Idaho.

I feel that billboards PocatelloInkomMccammonDowneyLava Hot Springs
Are a COOL way to advertise. 72% 78% 65% 70% 79%
Are a good way to LEARN about NEW BUSINESSES in the area 68% 63% 74% 69% 67%
Are a good way to LEARN about SALES and EVENTS 66% 53% 69% 64% 59%
Often catch my ATTENTION 78% 82% 77% 82% 70%
Advertisements on digital billboards stand out more than advertisements online. 67% 65% 76% 67% 69%
Advertisements on digitial billboards stand out more than advertisements on TELEVISION 46% 51% 46% 50% 40%
Make the city look more MODERN. 68% 74% 65% 66%
..Are visually APPEALING 64% 69% 78% 71% 71%
Are an effective way to alert the community about SEVERE WEATHER conditions. 90% 85% 90% 90% 83%
Are an effective way to alert the community about MISSING CHILDREN. 89% 87% 89% 88% 89%
Provide CURRENT and RELEVANT information. 79% 78% 77% 72% 64%